Winners of Living Green Contest

Everyone who entered the Living Green Violence-Free Anti-Bully writing contest was a winner! Here are the three contestants and essays that were selected:

* Pricilla Hernandez from Lake Isabella “A Hole of Emptiness” Age 16, Kern Valley High School
* Megan Lane from Wofford Heights “Seeking the Keys to Friendship” Age 10, Woodrow Wallace Elementary School
* Shawna Hester from Wofford Heights “I got off the bus one morning…” Age 13, Woodrow Wallace Middle School

You may click on the link to read their essay hosted on the Living Green website. They have received their dinner tickets and will be awarded their prizes on March 18th at the Living Green Opening awards Dinner. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, visit the link and be sure to attend!

D.G. Flamand would like to thank all the entrants for their participation and will be personally handing out the prizes.

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