Why Write Violence-Free Books?

Somebody might say – why not?

But I think the subject of writing violence-free books deserves a few additional words to give it better justice. In fact, I have thought many times that I will eventually write an entire book on this subject. Can there really be enough to say about violence-free stories that it amounts to a full book? Honestly, I believe so. And I also believe that it would be an awesome book.

If one stops for a moment and thinks about what violence-free books have to offer the reader, one would quickly find out that he/she is tapping into a subject that hasn’t been explored to its full extent. Factually, I believe this subject has only been scratched which leaves whoever wants to write violence-free books a full panorama of things non-violent to write about.

I wrote a few months ago in a different article that the subject of violence had attained its high point. It is true to me that at this time in the industry of entertainment, we have seen more than enough evil to conclude that we have “seen” all of them. It is not more and new evil creatures that will get this genre of evil into anew “high!”

We have seen in books and movies on the screen, by now, all kinds of evil creatures able to perform all sorts of destruction in any imaginable form. More of these evil creatures can be created and more will for sure. Writers of this planet have mastered the writing of evil and of negative emotions. There is no convincing anyone about that. I would be the first one to admit it. So yes the high in this genre has been attained.

But what about violence-free stories? What about using words like good, sincerity, honesty, upright, probity, integrity, honorable in principles, and sincere intentions? Or why not simply use common words and play the piano with them so to create crescendos that will elevate the hearts of the readers in the realms of happiness where they have never been before?

Isn’t that the job of a writer to create scenes, life situations, and stories for the reader to experience?

Just as the writers of evil stories have mastered the use of evil words and evil concepts to create fright, hate, vengeance, willingness to destroy, desire to kill and the whole gamut of negativity in the hearts of book readers, SO TOO A WRITER OF GOODNESS CAN AND WILL TAKE THE HEARTS OF THEIR READERS IN CRESCENDOES BUT THIS TIME TO BRING THEM IN TO THE REALMS OF SATISFIED HAPPINESS AND CLAMOR FOR MORE OF THIS GENRE.

The art of writing stories without negativity should make your readers high on happiness. It should make them feel that they have been entertained to the outmost, and it should get them to experience the most positive emotions that exist in the genre of goodness.

When an author has attained the ability to take any character no matter its shape, its size, its look and turn it into an entity expressing a message of goodness, virtue, merit, good will, and humanity that brings a satisfaction to any audience, that author has mastered the art of writing violence-free stories.

Perhaps the genre of the good is the silver bullet humanity has been waiting for. Can anyone deny this?

- by D. G. Flamand

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