Tommy and the Whales

November 24, 2010

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What all will we find out about whales with Tommy and the Magic Dictionary?

D. G. Flamand has done something in the Tommy and the Magic Dictionary Series that parents and teachers have attempted for decades – develop a curiosity for learning. Quoting from Tommy the main character, “I’m more grown up than yesterday,” he whispered. “I’m more grown up because I know more things now.” This author leaves the reader hungry for more information on the topics addressed and ready to devour more. This series is a must for curious minds of all ages.

- Elaine Littau, author of the Nan’s Heritage Series

WOW! Tommy and the Whales makes learning new things exciting and fun. The way D. G. Flamand tells his stories is bright and pure, an inspiration of how to teach our children. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even feel smarter since reading his books. I can only imagine the thrill that children will get who read his books; every school, library and bookstore should have D. G. Flamand’s books in stock!

- Katie Dean, Actress

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