Sophia at a Royal Wedding

December 11, 2010

Today December 11, 2010 I received in the mail my final book sample of Sophia at a Royal Wedding. This is my last chance to review the book before it goes to print! It is always an exciting time to hold for the first time a copy of your next book that will be published.

So I sat outside this morning on the wooden stairs on the side of the house facing a huge valley. And I had the copy of Sophia at a Royal Wedding in my hands. This book is very special to me for two reasons. The first reason is that it is the first book of a new series. The name of the series is SOPHIA AND THE MAGIC CALENDAR. The second reason why it is special is that the star of this series is a young girl aged 7! Usually the stars are boys (males) but this time I decided to make the star of the series a girl.

There was actually a real life event that prompted me to write a series with a young girl as the star. This happened when I was participating in an event where I was selling my first book. The title of my first published book is Tommy and the Butterflies which comes from the TOMMY AND THE MAGIC DICTIONARY SERIES.

So here I was in my booth with several copies of my book Tommy and the Butterflies.

Suddenly, a gentleman showed up at my table. He picked up a copy of my book and looked at it very carefully. Then he said something that hit me. He said: “Do you have a book for girls?” Not prepared to get such a question, I tumbled in my thoughts. I hummed a few times and managed to tell the gentleman that the book was for both, boys and girls. And that was the truth!

He looked at me in the eyes and said: “I have an 8-year old daughter and I’m looking to buy something for her.”

I totally got what he meant. He wanted a book with a girl as the star!

At that time I had several other books in production at the publishing company. My next book in the line to get published was The Little Cloud and His New Friends, and this was the first book of THE LITTLE CLOUD SERIES. Although Little Cloud was a charming character and the smallest cloud in the sky at   9-feet tall, he didn’t look like a girl at all. He was all white and all puffy. Then my next book in production after that was my 2nd book of TOMMY AND THE MAGIC DICTIONARY SERIES and the title of this one was Tommy and the Whales. Well that didn’t help either.

My 4th and 5th books were also in production, and my 4th book was Isabella Plays with the Bees, the first book of the series ISABELLA THE FLYING SUNFLOWER and my 5th book was Swim and the Bubble Show, the first book of SWIM THE OCTOPUS SERIES. But as cute as Isabella the sunflower and Swim the octopus were, it didn’t resolve the problem that was handed to me by this gentleman who was looking for a book with a young girl as the star.

He bought a copy of my book that day. But as he walked away with Tommy and the Butterflies, I swore that I would not fail again in such a situation.

So after that event I went back home and began writing my first book of SOPHIA AND THE MAGIC CALENDAR SERIES with a vengeance! Not only did I write one book, but I wrote the first three books of that series. I submitted all three books to the publishing company and here today I received my final book sample of Sophia at a Royal Wedding!

It is needless to say how pleased I was when I found it in my mail box this morning.

So here this morning on December 11, 2010 I sat on the stairs facing the huge valley under a warm sunny sky with my cat Whiskers sitting two steps below me. As I re-read my book, Whiskers spent his time listening to the dogs barking four hundred feet below us in the valley. He does that almost every day. But there are also horses, roosters, cows and other animals down in the valley and when they get going it really sounds like a chaotic commotion to me.

But not to Whiskers! He listened to all of the different animal sounds for hours as if he understood every one of those animals in the valley. Sometimes I wonder if he is listening to a symphony orchestra!

So as Whiskers minded his own business I perused my book for the last time. I filled out the Final Forms once I finished my final review and the book is now ready for print!
The 2nd and 3rd book of SOPHIA AND THE MAGIC CALENDAR SERIES will start the editing process in January 2011 (a little more than two weeks from now). The title of the 2nd book of this series is Sophia Going to the Moon with Apollo 11 and the title of the 3rd one is Sophia Crossing the Ocean with Christopher Columbus.

And to make sure that there will be a sufficient amount of books, I plan on writing 50 books for both TOMMY AND THE MAGIC DICTIONARY SERIES and SOPHIA AND THE MAGIC CALENDAR SERIES.

I hope that this little briefing gives you the scoop on what is happening with the production of my books. There is actually more going on, but today I mainly wanted to tell the whole world about the coming of my new and first book of the SOPHIA AND THE MAGIC CALENDAR SERIES titled Sophia at a Royal Wedding.

I hope that you are just as eager as I am to see it released in the near future!

D. G. Flamand

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