Mr. Dobley

February 16, 2012
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Mr. Dobley is the most unique and intriguing story I have ever read. I was always anxiously awaiting what was going to happen next! Plus the message of the piece was beautiful and something that everyone can relate to, which is why this novel is sure to be a best seller.

—Actress, Katie Dean

Mr. Dobley is D.G. Flamand’s first novel and is written towards an all ages audience! D.G. maintains his violence free writing as he takes the reader on a journey with a widowed nonagenarian as he learns the secret to life when he meets animals. Lots of animals! This story is sure to warm the hearts of everyone who reads it.

Readers familiar with D.G. Flamand’s gentle books for children stressing non-violence and communion with nature will be greatly surprised at this expansive volume of the last part of Ricardo Donald Dobley’s life. Determined to die, Ricardo taught himself, with the support and love of his woodland creature family, how to live. As you add his children’s books to your family library, treat yourself to the telling of this life redeemed, Mr. Dobley. D.G. Flamand displays his grasp of and his love of language not seen before.

—Gloria R. Longo, Editor, The Inland Adventurer

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