Isabella Plays with the Bees

November 24, 2010

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Buzz, Buzz!

Isabella sure loves the bees. She loves when they come around her and her sunflower friends. One day, Isabella tries to fly. With the encouragement and excitement of her friends around, Isabella goes on the adventure of a lifetime! Join in on the fun as Isabella Plays With the Bees.

Out of the imaginative mind of D. G. Flamand come the delightful stories in Isabella The Flying Sunflower Series. The possibilities are endless for adventure as the little flying sunflower explores the world that until she discovered her flying ability had been so close yet so far away. Her adventures with the creatures at the nearby farm are relatable to children everywhere. I can see this series of books featurered in a colorful cartoon series. I hope to see more of D. G. Flamand’s work in the near future.

- Elaine Littau, author of The Nan’s Heritage Series.

Isabella is so delightful that she’ll have children wanting to try flapping their arms very, very fast to fly along with her.

-Adriane M. Holguin, youth/programming story time coordinator.

Isabella Plays With the Bees is a delightful and lifting story. It encompasses adventure and exploring to bring about excitement in learning new things! This is a wonderful book for children.

- Katie Dean, Actress

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