D. G. Flamand wrote his first story at a very young age. Since then he always had a strong interest in creative writing. He submitted his first stories to a publishing house when he was 19. But, as he put it, ‘it didn’t go anywhere’. Yet, he didn’t give up about his dream of writing a book one day. He kept writing for many years as a hobby. Then he took on another hobby that would assist him in making a breakthrough in his writings. He began playing the game of chess. Over a period of a decade, he played the game of chess over 2,000 times. Concurrently, his writing skills improved drastically.
In 2007 he embarked on a writing project that would lead to his first published book. He wrote the first-five stories of the series called ‘Tommy and the Magic Dictionary’. This series is intended for juvenile readers, but the response received upon being published showed very clearly that the public at large likes this series.

After submitting these five stories to Tate Publishing, the first-two books of the series were published. The title of the first book is Tommy and the Butterflies and the title of the second book is Tommy and the Whales. The third book of this series is in production at the published company and is nearly completed. In this series of books, the reader will enjoy being taught by a magic dictionary and friendly magical characters just like Tommy has the honor.

He also wrote many stories for children that appear in other series. The name of his children’ books series are – THE LITTLE CLOUD SERIES, ISABELLA THE FLYING SUNFLOWER SERIES, and SWIM THE OCTOPUS SERIES. He has published the first book of each series with several more manuscripts of these series fully written and ready to be submitted to the publishing house.

After publishing these children’ books, he began an entire new series of books for juvenile readers. The name of this series is ‘SOPHIA AND THE MAGIC CALENDAR SERIES’. The first book of this series is already published and the title is Sophia at a Royal Wedding. Book two and three are currently in production at the publishing company and will be released this year. In this series, readers will do time travelling with Sophia and a magic calendar to any places and times that has occurred on earth.

Additionally, D.G. Flamand has completed writing an all ages novel about a widowed old man who is ready to die but then finds new purpose in life after a journey in the forest where he met numerous animals, the reason of his life coming back to life again. This novel is currently in production at the publishing company and will be released later this year (2011). He is currently working on two other novels. One of them will take the reader on a mystical underwater journey and explore the mystery of rejuvenation while meeting the creatures of the seas. His third novel is also an animal lover story that will make the readers’ heart pulsate with happiness and be proud to be an animal lover!

In all, to date, D.G. Flamand has nearly thirty manuscripts fully completed and ready for publication. But this is only the beginning for Mr. Flamand. In the next decade his writing projects will amount to nearly 200 books. None of his books carry violence or destruction of any kind. They are very positive stories putting emphasis on non-violent themes. It is an aspect of his writing that he takes to heart to ensure that none of these negative influences be transmitted to his audience through his works.

Also DG Flamand invented a new game of chess. After playing the game of chess over 2,000 times, he envisioned improvements that would make this game more challenging. He will write a book of this vision in the near future. He has already written the manuscript and it will be submitted to a publishing company soon.

D.G. Flamand has embarked upon a philanthropic journey. He has initiated an ongoing Violence-Free Writing Contest for the public (all ages including children not yet 18) as well as sponsored a number of mini writing contests for various children’s organizations including the Southern Sierra Boy’s and Girl’s Club and was a major sponsor of Kern River Valley’s Living Green Festival in which he also allowed inclusion of anti-bully essays by the children. His contributions to the children and events are in the thousands of dollars in cash as well as copies of his violence-free books and his‘SAY NO TO VIOLENCE’ t-shirts. D.G. Flamand has received “Special Recognition” award certificates from California State Senator Jean Fuller and the Kern County Board of Supervisor’s for his philanthropic work.

D. G. Flamand has a passion for learning languages. He is fully fluent in English and French and currently studying Spanish and Italian. Mr. Flamand lives in California.

For current news about D.G. Flamand’s writing, philanthropic activities and book signing events please check out his personal blog and events schedule.

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