Are we at the crossroads where we must make a transition from violence to violence-free entertainment?

August 7, 2012

Some people may say no and others may say yes.

Well, here is information that could assist in making a sane decision in that regards. Let me begin by stating that there might be a hard core public for violence of any kind. I have heard it said “The more violent, gory and destructive – the better!” “I prefer the-end-of-the-world movies!”

I believe that we can see those viewpoints in many forms of entertainment; movies, books, video games, pinball machines and songs.

As an author of violence-free literature, I have stated previously that violence has taken a turn for the worse. In my opinion we have attained the mark where the ugliest- the meanest that produces the greatest harm—has been attained in books and movie screens.
You have ugly people with mean faces running around cutting up people’s limbs with chainsaws, using axes to behead people and then eating their eyes. Disemboweling someone else and grabbing their intestines and pulling them out of their stomach and hanging onto them while jumping through a window and using the bowels as a rope. Throwing acid in people’s faces and gasoline on someone else and lighting a match to him. Weed-whacking another’s face and poking someone else’s eyes with high-heel shoes. What about the killing with guns of children, women and pregnant women – still under the banner of “entertainment.” And speaking of guns, we now have small ones, big ones and even bigger ones; all for one, and only one purpose—to kill—and then to kill again and again and again!

It has gone so south that these books and movies do not, in my opinion, qualify as entertainment. It should be labeled as something else. Perhaps degraded viewings or debased waste of time or something else along that line that would properly label what these things are.

Let me state clearly here that the above is not entertainment. It is not entertainment to pour acid in the face of someone or to spill gas on someone else and light a match to him, and it is not entertainment to disembowel people and eat their eyes and so on.

It doesn’t have to be that way in the world of entertainment. It is possible to entertain the masses and ensure that the masses have been entertained and, most importantly, have them feel that they have been entertained without the worst, the ugliest and the meanest.

But is that what those who are in charge of producing movies, video games, TV shows or writing books will be willing to do? Is that what Warner Bros. which released “The Dark Knight Rises” will be willing to do as, apparently, its release on July 20, 2012 was the third biggest opening ever. After all, the almighty greenback has a say in all of this, doesn’t it?
Would anyone in authority dare make a change of course at this time?

Perhaps it will take a deeper look and asking hard questions at what kind of influence on people, young and old ones, this negative form of entertainment has. The answers found might shock people and even assist to catalyze a decision towards an answer that, yes, it is time to let go of all this negative nonsense. After all, it appears that the alleged Colorado shooter, a 24-year old, by his own admission, assumed the beingness of the “Joker” with the intent to destroy Batman!

If no one finds that there could be any link there, than the question may become how many more massacres like that in the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora Colorado and mass school shootings will it take before Hollywood, Warner Bros., studio executives, the entertainment industry, or anyone working in movies and corporate responsibility say “The buck stops here!”
On that night of July 20 what played out was not “Dark Night Rises”, but, once again, “Violence in Entertainment Rises!”

I had an author telling me that it is hard to write violence-free literature. I couldn’t disagree more. All it takes is to have a positive look on things.

I will let you in on my own secret. The first step to achieving violence-free entertainment in movies and books is to remove any and all antagonists! By doing so you are removing the entire negative band that has plagued Earth for more years you can enter into a calculator.

And that is exactly what Hollywood and all concerned that provide entertainment to the people must decide upon. Do we remove the antagonist and go 100% violence-free in entertainment? From the dollar and cents point of view that would make a lot of people at the Box Office wince indeed!

But there is hope. I spoke to thousands of people during my events and book signings and a good percentage of these people expressed their disagreements and concerns with the amount of violence there is in books and movies. They are appalled as to where entertainment has gone. What they are looking for is violence-free entertainment. What they want is to remove the antagonists! By doing so, we are entering in the positive band. And in that band you can write and make as many nonviolent movies and books to everyone’s content.

“What do violence-free books have to offer?” you might ask.

I have been writing violence-free books for several years, and, I can state with certainty that the genre of violence-free is far more entertaining than violent entertainment. In violence-free entertainment readers of books and movie-goers will encounter events that will make them feel high on happiness. They will find scenes of goodness that will awe them. Their hearts might skip a few pulses due to the high percentage of happiness found in violence-free books and entertainment.

It is with regret that I state that the lack of books written and movies produced in the genre of goodness deprives readers and movie-goers to discover the satisfied happiness to be found in the genre of the good. Violence-free books are what children, young adults and even regular adults should be reading.

Rapidly, one would see a radical change in entertainment. Changes like in Narnia, the kids, instead of encountering an evil white witch would meet a good fairy that has good at heart and would want to share that goodness. And you wouldn’t find beavers running away in fear to save their lives.

Violence-free entertainment would provide fantastic movies like Avatar minus evil humans who have only destruction at heart but instead good humans who would meet with higher powers who would share wisdom of better life that could be transported back to Earth.

And should I waste ink in describing how the Harry Potter series would have been different should J. K. Rolling have decided to write in the nonviolent genre? I will be the first one to say that J. K. Rolling has an incredible imagination as a writer. But I will also be the first one to say that it was a disservice to her fans and the general public that she did not.
Imagine for a moment the amount of good that she would have ushered in on our beautiful blue and green earth should she had written in the genre of nonviolence.

It is ok to do a 180 in the world of entertainment and go with the happiest, the nicest, and the most caring characters who will produce the most beautiful, the most uplifting positive emotions, and create the best stories in the genre of the good!

-    D. G. Flamand

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